It’s Time to Talk

I’ve always been a private person. But the Lord is leading me to step out of my comfort zone by being transparent.

The Lord has made it clear to me that He let me go through everything I’ve been through as a testimony, and I am not to keep it to myself. This won’t be easy for me. The Lord didn’t give me one linear testimony that I can explain easily and all at once. Mine is long and complicated.

Some people have testimonies that are like a long rope with knots tied in various spots. Some knots may be small and easy to untie, and others may be large and difficult. But it’s part of one story. Mine, however, is like the jeep that I flipped off the side of a cliff. You could see that the car itself was in disastrous condition, and all of the damage was caused by something different. Some scratches and dents were there from previous circumstances, but the major damage was done while flipping and rolling down a steep ridge and hitting a tree. One thing ripped the door off, another thing tore the mirror off, the final blow bent the whole frame of the jeep, and in the end it was totaled. That’s what my testimony is like. Some of it is from years and years ago in different stages of growing up, but the major things have all happened in the last three years. So many different, life-changing events led me to where I am now, and each chapter of this story is its own testimony. God still hasn’t revealed to me the meaning of a lot of the challenges, but that doesn’t make Him any less faithful.

So I’m going to be obedient. I’ll begin telling the story. My story. The story of the agony I’ve had to endure, by the grace of God. I’m not yet at the point when I get to look back and see how it all came together, but God is so good. He knew that this is what it would take, and I am indescribably thankful.

I’ll be writing as the Lord leads me.

*I Don’t like to proof read

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