Where to Start?…

Most parents have taken some sort of parenting class. You sit and listen to someone else tell you how to raise your kid, so that they don’t grow up to be serial killers, drug-dealers, politicians, etc. It’s all good! Parenting classes are great! But what about the kids of the teachers? Are they good kids? Do they hate their parents? Do they agree with their parent’s method of raising kids?

This is a parenting blog, written from the kid’s perspective. I’m not a professional, by any means. I don’t have kids, so I have no experience with raising them. However, my mom and dad have been teaching parenting classes ever since I can remember.  They have involved me in many of their classes, and I know first hand that they practice what they preach.
Connor(left), Evan(middle), and dad(right) on Thanksgiving.
But let’s start out with the basics. My name is Lacy Krista King, and I am currently seventeen years-old. I am currently in my twenty-fifth stage production, and I enjoy every moment of it. I play lots of instruments, I love sports, and I love playing X-Box games with my brothers. Also, I am probably the only one in the world who usually enjoys doing homework. Other, random facts about me will pop up every once in a while. I have the two, most incredible brothers in the world. My older brother, Connor, is currently nineteen years-old. He is attending Liberty University, and I really think that he may be part Vulcan. He is disgustingly intelligent. Connor is precious. He has always looked out for my little brother and me, and he IS Olaf from the Disney movie “Frozen”. Seriously. My baby brother, Evan, is currently fifteen years-old, and he IS Flynn Rider from the Disney movie “Tangled”. Evan is awesome. He is also very smart, and he is the most respectable, charming, mature fifteen year-old in the world. Both of my brothers are very good-looking, and they are growing up to be true men of Christ.
Gaither Fest Weekend in Myrtle Beach: Krispy Kreme 2013
My dad, Ted King, is the best dad ever. He is the spiritual leader of our family, and his unfaltering faith in God is invaluable to our family. He treats my mom with love, respect, patience, kindness, and they both are constantly trying to out-serve each other. My mom, Kris King, is my best friend. She is the funniest person I have ever met, and she doesn’t even try. I am the carbon-copy of my mother…
Sixteen? Eh, I’m not too old for mom to hold me. 2012
Now, let me make a few things clear. We are not the mushy-gushy family from the Robin Williams movie “RV”. No. We have are moments, yes, but we are not THAT family. Yes, we did home-school. Connor, Evan, and I all went to private schools for two years, and Connor spent all of high school in public school. Evan is in ninth-grade, and I am in eleventh-grade, and we both go to a HYBRID school. We attend the Artios Academy of John’s Creek, GA. It is pretty much a performing arts school. We go two days a week, and then we have a load of assigned work to do at home. It is really great. We are not the typical, awkward home-schoolers. We have our moments, but, for the most part, we’re pretty normal.
My parents have done a great job with keeping us socially active. We go to First Redeemer Baptist Church, and I absolutely love that church. On Sunday mornings, and Wednesday afternoons and nights, my mom and dad teach a parenting class for couples with young kids. I am basically writing this blog to second their teachings. They have not brain-washed us, or forced their opinions on us. I have always been allowed to have my own opinions, as long as I have valid arguments to back up my beliefs. This blog is composed of MY opinions. I am not trying to make the world see things my way, I am simply writing about my experiences with the concepts that my parents teach to other parents.
My family is by no means perfect. In fact, this blog will likely have many grammatical errors. But God has blessed my family, beyond belief.  My family is extremely close. My parents have proven to me that a man and wife can stay madly in love with each other for a lifetime. My brothers and I have proven that siblings can be best friends, as well as socially apt… most of the time… Don’t get me wrong, we argue. But I would do anything for my brothers, and they would do anything for me. Everything that my parents have taught me is based on what the Bible says. My parents have stayed true to what God says, because He knows what really works.
So have fun reading my blog. All it really is, is a bunch of reasons why my parents have been right all along.

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